iLearn11Plus was first launched in 2009 as a new way to ensure success to pass the 11 Plus and Independent School entrance exams for the UKs Grammar School and Independent School systems.

Written and prepared by teachers who have many years at both the 'chalk face' and within senior management, iLearn11Plus brings you a weekly course of lessons that the student can engage in.

We offer a package that gives online tests & revision questions & online video lessons with quick tests.

You will have automatic access to 52 weeks of lessons which you may revisit when you want, as many times as you want.  This is a fairly unique system and provides flexibility of learning, to ensure that lessons or revision are not missed due to busy lifestyles; holidays or illness.

The papers are online and are automatically marked.    Video lessons are  approximately 5 to 10 minutes of 'lesson' content, for each of the areas taught.  This is followed by two worksheets for the student to complete.  The worksheets may need to be completed 'during' the video lesson, where the video is paused.  With the completion of lesson, worksheets and tests, the student should be working for 1 hour per subject. This gives your child up to 3 hours of work per week and demonstrates our commitment to giving you quality as well as quantity.  The video will be accompanied by worksheets and tests, and your child should be engaged for between an hour and an hour and a half each time.  Remember, these lessons will remain online allowing your child to have the lesson again and again - not something you get from a private tutor! It doesn't matter where you live in the world: if you need an 11 plus tutor in Kent, Birmingham, London, Lincoln, Bournemouth, Torbay, Dubai, the USA or India, we can help to tutor you.

Following the pandemic in 2000, iLearn11plus realised that children had become reliant on both homeschooling and online learning, but there was clearly a disparity of children being able to access quality education around the world.  It was for this reason that ilearn11plus.com proudly announced that it would no longer become a subscription based service, but available to all for FREE, as we also realised along time ago, that iLearn11plus could be used for students in Year 8, 7, 6 & 5 for both catch up and extension work.

iLearn11Plus was started by two secondary teachers who taught in secondary education in a UK school with an Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ grade.

Jane Eeles B.A (Hons) PGCE has been a private 11 Plus tutor since 2001, with exceptional results and experience in tutoring pupils as young as Year 2.  Holding a degree in Education, she has been teaching in secondary education since 1998.  As a private 11 Plus tutor, she is oversubscribed due to her high success rate.  In addition she is a parent of 5 children who have been successful in entrance to the Grammar and Independent sector.  All of the educational content is written or approved by Jane, who has developed material for many years as an 11 Plus tutor.

Andrew Thomas B.Ed (Hons) M.Phil NPQH is now an Executive Principal in a private British international school in Abu Dhabi. Andrew was a PE teacher and later, an ICT teacher who has been published in many educational journals for his research in educational technology. He has given conference speeches in this field at the British Educational Research Association, as well as at BETT (British Educational Training Technology) Middle East show. Andrew designed iLearn11plus after having a conversation in a school car park with Jane, discussing the use of an online platform to help educate her clients.  After sitting on a beach on Orkney, Andrew consolidated the concept and iLearn11plus was born! iLearn11Plus believes in providing parents and carers with a quality and honest service for children. We never make promises we can’t make and we will only ever employ qualified teachers into the company with exceptional experience, qualifications and dedication to provide the education that your child deserves. As parents ourselves, we only provide material that we would or do give to our own children to prepare them for 11 Plus or Independent School entrance exams.   Our aim is to remain ‘Outstanding’ educators and we welcome your feedback to ensure we get it right!