Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is iLearn11plus?

A: As from February 18th 2021, iLearn11plus is now FREE!

Q: Why is iLearn11plus FREE?

A: During the pandemic of 2000, we realised there was a need for children all around the world to access quality lessons where children had no access to schools.  The disparity made us realise that iLearn11plus was useful for children in Yrs 5 & 6 to stretch and challenge their learning, as well as for those in Years 7 & 8 to support and help catch up with areas requiring development.  After 12 years of success on the market, iLearn11plus decided it was our time and turn to help support families and children's learning across the globe in these difficult and challenging times.

Q: How do I change my password?

A: Click on the 'REGISTER/LOGIN' tab on the main page, and select 'Modify Profile' or click HERE.  You can change your password here.  Please remember, that any usernames and passwords that you choose must be used by your child to access their lessons too.   You may log onto the site to see what lesson your child is working on at anytime using the username and password that you have chosen.

Q: I can't remember my password!

A:  Click on the log in button on the home page and click the 'Lost Password' link at the bottom, or Click <<HERE>>


Q: What can I expect my child to be doing with iLearn11Plus lessons?

A:   Students with access to online video lessons will receive approximately 5 to 10 minutes of 'lesson' content, for each of the areas taught.  This is followed by two worksheets for the student to complete.  The worksheets may need to be completed 'during' the video lesson, where the video is paused.  With the completion of lesson, worksheets and tests, the student should be working for 1 hour per subject. 

Q: How long is the content available for online for my child to access?

A: At iLearn11Plus, we believe that the learning should be flexible to busy lives, as well as focused. You have access to 52 Weeks worth of lessons at any time, allowing the student to revisit previous lessons, or catch up should your circumstances change so you cannot access the Internet or the lessons, such as holidays or illness.  This also allows you to maintain a busy schedule at home, where your child can complete the lessons to fit in with family life.  There is no major time scales to plan around and no taxing of your child to a given location.

Q: Do I need any special equipment or software to have iLearn11Plus running on my computer or laptop?

A: No.  All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser that supports Flash (we recommend Internet Explorer to view our website) and a set of speakers or headphones plugged into your computer.  In more simple terms, if you are reading this, and you have watched the video on how iLearn11Plus works, your system is ready to run!  iLearn11Plus uses web based technology that is user friendly and simple to use.  Our videos DO PLAY ON APPLE DEVICES SUCH AS iPADS & iPHONES!  To check your system, click HERE.  If you are able to watch the video and take the sample test, your system is ready to use.

Q: Does iLearn11plus work with iPads & other Apple devices?

A: Yes.

Q: How long will it take to download content or video lessons?

A: It depends on your Internet speed.  All of the online tests and revision papers are web based and so download with the web page.  Our videos are Flash, and run on the same principle as videos found on YouTube, for example.  You may experience some buffering if your Internet connection is slow, but this is rare.  Our advice, if this happens, is to let the video load before starting the lesson.  Once loaded it will run smoothly and you can replay it over and over again, without waiting for it to load each time.  Videos are not loaded onto your computer, so you don't have to worry about hard drive space.  All our packages are web based and designed with the end user experience in mind, and speed.

Q: A video lesson will not play.  I get a black screen.  What is wrong?

A: In the rare event this occurs, and in most cases, simply refresh your browser page.  You can do this a number of ways, which includes pressing F5 on your keyboard.  If this does not remedy the problem, close your browser down and load up again.  If this does not solve the problem, try opening iLearn11plus in a different browser.  We have tested iLearn11plus with Internet Explorer; Google Chrome; Safari; Fire Fox and Opera.  If you are having problems with your browser, try downloading one of these from the Web Browser company direct.  They are free.

Q: How long do whole courses run for?

A: Our course used to run for 62 weeks, but due to changes that occurred in 2012 with regards to examinations, the course is now 52 weeks or 1 year.

Q: Can my child join a course at any stage in the programme?

A: iLearn11Plus is built around flexibility, and so students can join at any stage in the programme.  Naturally, the more lessons your child receives, the better chance they have at passing the entrance test.  You have access to 52 weeks of lessons at any one time.

Q: Is iLearn11Plus suitable for Year 4 pupils?

A: We now have a number of Year 4 pupils signed up to iLearn11plus.  We recommend that you start gentle with Year 4 pupils.   As Maths is considered the harder subject, and the most easiest to forget (according to research), the package is ideal, covering both Maths & Verbal Reasoning.

Q: Does iLearn11Plus guarantee my child to pass the 11 plus or entrance exam?

A: At iLearn11plus, we strive to provide your child with the highest quality input as possible.  Like any test or exam, the individual has to sit the test alone and so we cannot guarantee them to pass.  However, buy using iLearn11Plus lessons and/or test revisions, you can be assured that you are giving your child the best chance to tackle the exam.

Q: Can iLearn11plus assist my child with other aspects of their education apart from just preparing them for the 11 Plus exam?

A: Our iLearn11plus lessons cover Maths and English as well as Verbal Reasoning.  Although Verbal Reasoning is not a subject covered in many schools, the topic covers both additional English and Maths questions to enhance your child's understanding of more complex areas.  Most Secondary schools set their Year 7 students based on CAT & SAT test scores where taken.  Based on this information from Primary schools, your child could be set accordingly.  Most Secondary schools also have some form of 'Accelerated' set too, again based on these Primary school tests.  Therefore iLearn11plus lessons can help improve your child's Maths and English for their SAT & CAT tests too.

Q: How do we contact iLearn11Plus?

A: Use the contact form which can be found by clicking on 'Contact Us'  in the menu above, or simply click HERE to be redirected.  We will do our best to respond as soon as possible.

Q: Can I share my login and registration with friends and family?

A: We encourage each individual to register separately.  Please note that the system is set to only allow your logon to be connected to a maximum of 3 I.P. addresses every 30 days. If this limit is exceeded, the account will be locked down for 24 hours.  We therefore recommend that pupils use a maximum of three different machines/locations.  Please note that turning your hub off will also reset your I.P. address and cause you to max out on this count.

Q: I am moving house, will this effect my use of iLearn11plus?

A: When you move, your IP address will probably change if you are using a connection through your landline.  Therefore, you may not be able to log into your account if this new IP address exceeds the 3 IP rule.  If you have any problems or concerns, let us know and we will sort this out.

Q: Can I use anonymous browsing with iLearn11plus?

A: Yes you can, but this will effect your IP count and will exceed our 3 IP rule.  Please turn this off when using iLearn11plus.

 Q: Who are iLearn11Plus?

A: iLearn11Plus is a not-for profit organisation.  iLearn11Plus was started by two secondary teachers who taught in secondary education in a school with an Ofsted 'Outstanding' grade.

Jane Eeles B.A (Hons) has been a private 11 Plus tutor since 2001, with exceptional results and experience in tutoring pupils as young as Year 2.  Holding a degree in Education, she has been teaching in secondary education since 1998.  As a private 11 Plus tutor, she is oversubscribed due to her high success rate.  In addition she is a parent of 5 children who have been successful in entrance to the Grammar and Independent sector.  All of the educational content is written or approved by Jane, who has developed material for many years as an 11 Plus tutor.

Andrew Thomas B.Ed (Hons) M.Phil NPQH is now an Executive Principal in a private British international school in Abu Dhabi. Andrew was a PE teacher and later, and ICT teacher and has been published in many educational journals for his research in educational technology. He has given conference speeches in this field at the British Educational Research Association, as well as at BETT (British Educational Training Technology) Middle East show. Andrew designed iLearn11plus after having a conversation in a school car park with Jane, discussing the use of an online platform to help educate her clients.  After sitting on a beach on Orkney, Andrew consolidated the concept and iLearn11plus was born! iLearn11Plus believes in providing parents and carers with a quality and honest service for children. We never make promises we can’t make and we will only ever employ qualified teachers into the company with exceptional experience, qualifications and dedication to provide the education that your child deserves. As parents ourselves, we only provide material that we would or do give to our own children to prepare them for 11 Plus or Independent School entrance exams.   Our aim is to remain ‘Outstanding’ educators and we welcome your feedback to ensure we get it right!

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